Dehazing the Clouds

Camera: Lumia 950 XL | App: Photoshop CC 2017 & Lightrooom CC 2015 | January 10, 2017

I was really sick the day I took this picture. I had a bad chest congestion so I couldn’t breathe right. I drove to the doctor’s and parked nearby this church. It was cloudy that day and the sky was a depressing shade of gray, but I couldn’t help myself. Who knows when the next time would be that I took a day off work? I took a bunch of pictures of the church and the result was a nice sharp photo, but it was unappealing because of the church’s yellow bricks and the gray sky in the back.


The original photo had nice details but the colors were horrible

This is where editing came to the rescue. The dehaze tool in Lightroom takes out, or adds, haze to a picture, so I slid it all the way yo +100 and the gray was practically gone and replaced by the blue and purple you see in the final picture. In Photoshop, I selected the church and desaturated it to get rid of the yellow. I tried to keep the church’s yellow in the picture but it ended up bogging the brilliant colors of the sky. Making it grayscale balances out the photo nicely, with the vibrant sky on top and a gray, but detailed building on the bottom.



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