Why in Wilmette?

Camera: Lumia 950 XL | App: Lightroom CC 2015 | April 2, 2016

Why is the first Baha’i temple in the world in Wilmette? The world may never know.

Last spring, three of my friends and I went to a health professions school fair. I went for the med schools while my best friend (one of many) was there for dental schools. The fair was dry as hell, so we quietly stepped out and spent the rest of the day driving around Evanston and Wilmette. We stopped by the Baha’i temple for pictures, but went inside at the speed of light. It was a weird day for weather. It was spring, but it was also very windy and every ten minutes it started snowing then it would get warm like any other spring day, before it started snowing again. I’m not making this up.

We took refuge in the temple from the cold and saw that one of their gatherings was taking place. We sat down and listened for a bit before we decided to leave. Since my friends didn’t want to go out into the weather, I was tasked with driving the car up to the temple’s front door. After I almost died bringing the car to them, we went to eat at a Chinese restaurant and drove around Evanston some more. After that we gave up and called it a productive day.


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