Cold to the Bone

Camera: Lumia 950 XL | App: Photoshop CC 2015, Lightroom CC 2015 | December 3, 2016

I’m usually the one that makes plans for hangouts. It frustrates me sometimes because I would like to invited to hangouts sometimes too (just in case some friends read this). 12/3/16 was one such day. Two other friends were supposed to join me for a nice chilly winter day but one bowed out because he was sick. So it was just me and one other person.

We didn’t have a concrete plan so we did whatever came to mind. I rented a car and drove to Northerly Island with her because she hadn’t been there yet. I had been there this past spring with other friends and I took a lot, A LOT, of pictures. It was nice and cold that day, at least in downtown, but as soon as we got out the car, the wind was blowing at high speed and it was difficult walking around. Our faces were frozen, but we persevered. As we were walking around, I saw birds fly from the lakeside over my friend and I quickly took a picture of it. It was a fun hangout that left me sick for the next few days. I regret nothing.

When I got home, the picture was too gray and not that exciting. So I enlisted the help of Photoshop to fix it. The original is shown below:


The birds were not that close to her and the tree on the right was too far away to create a nicely filled frame. I copied the whole rightmost quarter of the photo and carefully erased along the edges with a soft brush. The rough grass in the picture made it easy for the copied portion to blend in. I then moved the last two birds to the front of the line. In Lightroom, I lessened the warmth in the picture and put the vibrancy up and made my friends jacket bright and more saturated, so it would stand out more and draw attention to it. I think it was a picture worth saving, and it turned out well.


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