Lightroom Tutorial: Color Pop


You’ve probably seen those pictures where everything is black and white except one thing. It’s a good technique to make interesting photos out of boring originals or if you want to  have the viewer focus on the object you want them to see first, or if it’s important. How much work does it take to achieve that? Not much if you’re using Lightroom, actually. For best results, the picture should be as sharp as possible in order to have the photo truly shine, which I went through in my previous tutorial. The sharp details will add good contrast when the photo goes black and white.

Step 1: Open Lightroom and navigate to Develop (on the top) > HSL/Color/B&W module (on the side) > Saturation (heading in the module)

Screenshot (45)_LI.jpg

Getting here is the hard part, trust me

Step 2: Pick a color you want to keep and then slide all other colors to the left. In this case I wanted to keep the blue and purple, so I slid everything else to -100, and moved blue and purple to the right to make them even bolder

Screenshot (46).png

We’re almost there

Step 3: (optional) The wall has some purple and so the photo isn’t truly a color pop yet, in my eyes. Luckily we can fix it while still in Lightroom. On the top of the sidebar, under the histogram graph, you’ll see six tool icons. We’ll be using the one on the right, the adjustment brush. Brush over areas of the picture where you do not want any color, you can uncheck the overlay view on the bottom if you do not want to see the red stuff, which shows you where you’ve brushed. Make sure your brush is sized appropriately, which you can change on the bottom. After you’ve finished, push the saturation slider for the adjustment to -100. You can also make any other adjustments while you’re here

Screenshot (47)_LI.jpg

This step takes some time

And now you’re done! This is a simple way to make color pops in Lightroom. However, there are some instances where you need even more minute control over the selection, which is where Photoshop comes in. Any questions? Let me know below!


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