My Gear and Setup



Lumia 950 XL – This 20 megapixel camera can handle almost anything I throw at it. The colors turn up nice, the OIS is great and brings up super sharp details, and it shoots raw photos. It also a has larger sensor than most phones and Microsoft’s PureView ensures better nighttime photos, which sometimes this phone fails at by the way.


Lumia 925 – For the occasional action shots. This is the only thing Windows 8.1 has over Windows 10. This also has PureView, but since it’s half the resolution of the 950XL, doesn’t take RAW photos and uses technology 3 years older, it doesn’t get much use outside of the action shot niche, even though it still has a wonderful camera.

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Aukey Polarizing Filter – This is the best thing I’ve ever bought. This filter works well and the edges of the rim don’t show up in the final shot unlike its competition.


Screenshot (35).png

Lightroom CC 2015.8 – For the lightweight edits like exposure, dehaze, color pops, vibrance, etc. I don’t use my phone’s panorama or HDR mode, instead I use Lightroom to create HDRs and panoramas out of the RAW files, since it does a much better job by virtue of having a i5 at its disposal than a measly Snapdragon 810 of the 950XL.


Screenshot (36).png

Photoshop CC 2017 – The biggest use for Photoshop, as far as photos are concerned, is shake reduction. Photoshop is also used when I need to make drastic changes to a picture, such as changing the color spectrum completely, moving things around, and for bokeh effects.


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Surface Book – None of this would be possible without this beast of laptop. Not only is helpful for class and drawing (because of its multiple form factors) but its powerful enough to handle Lightroom, Photoshop, and Illustrator at the same time WITH music playing too. That’s way more than my old laptop which struggled to apply blurs even if Photoshop was the only ting open. The Mac I use at work isn’t as speedy as this laptop and sometimes I take my Surface Book to work for more intensive projects.



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OneDrive – Because of OneDrive, I don’t have to mess with USBs cables anymore. I take a picture and it uploads in the background and when I open my Surface later in the day, all my photos are there, waiting to be edited. The tight integration between OneDrive and WIndows phones and laptops is perfect for a photographers workflow.